Student Finance

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Students are eligible for maintenance loans and grants up to £15000 if living and studying in London or up to £13000 if living and studying outside London.

Parent learning allowance, Adult dependent allowance and child care grants are available along with full tuition fee (depends on personal circumstances). 

Adults Dependent`s Grant:

A student is eligible to apply for adult dependent grant of £3,007 where an adult is financially dependent on him/her. This grant is in addition to any other grant and student finance loan which a student may be eligible and you do not need to pay this back.

Parents Learning Allowance:

A student with children is eligible for parents learning allowance of £1,716 per year: this grant does not required to payback and will have no effects on child tax credit.

Parents Learning Allowance will be paid in addition to any other grants or student finance you may be eligible.

Childcare Grant:

In addition to other grants and student maintenance loan, students are eligible to claim childcare grant of:

Up to £169.31 per week for 1 children and

Up to £290.27 per week for 2 children.

This money will help to keep your children to attend any ofsted institute for childcare and does not required to payback.